You deserve
a partner who will
be there for you.

The relationship with a family-owned business differs greatly from brand name firms. You are known, understood and served at a level most corporations struggle to replicate. Additionally, many firms look good on the outside but internally experience high employee turnover, restructurings, ownership transfers and poor management decisions that distract the group from their mission.

When you choose EWM, you gain a partner focused on you and relentlessly determined to make a difference financially and otherwise. You will feel the difference in how the service is delivered.

Advanced wealth planning customized to your unique needs.

Evans Wealth Management isn’t your typical financial advisory firm. Our capabilities run deep. We partner with a vetted network of professionals to provide guidance centered around five key areas of your finances:

Plan Your Wealth &
Minimize Taxes

Grow Your

Protect Your

Transfer Your

Maximize Charitable

Plan Your Wealth &
Minimize Taxes

Grow Your

Protect Your

Transfer Your

Maximize Charitable

Evans Wealth - Plan your Wealth & Minimize Taxes

Plan Your Wealth & Minimize Taxes

Our insightful, strategic analysis, planning, and tax advice puts one thing first: you.

To make the most of your unique circumstances, we offer:

  • Cash flow analysis
  • Retirement planning
  • Debt reduction
  • Benefits package evaluation
  • Pension buyout offers
  • Tax planning
  • Social security timing
  • Divorce settlement offer analysis
  • College funding
  • Business planning & risk management
  • Business owner exit planning
  • ESOP or internal business sale
Evans Wealth - Grow your wealth

Grow Your Wealth

We custom craft a tax-efficient investment portfolio for you designed to generate a reasonable return for the risk you are willing to accept.

We look for opportunities to optimize your capital in these areas:

  • Asset allocation
  • Asset location
  • Risk tolerance assessment
  • Portfolio construction & management
  • Retirement income & distribution strategies
  • Concentrated stock holdings
  • Highly appreciated stock
  • Stock options / RSUs / SARS
  • Alternative investments
Evans Wealth - Protect your wealth

Protect Your Wealth

You’ve worked for decades to accumulate wealth and want to preserve it. We assess your exposure to unexpected events and proactively help you mitigate them.

Our guidance prepares you for unforeseen circumstances such as:

  • Long-term care
  • Premature death
  • Disability
  • Accumulated debt
  • Asset protection
  • Legal risk
  • Loss of key employee
Evans Wealth - Transfer your wealth

Transfer Your Wealth

In time, wealth becomes about making a difference in the world and blessing the next generation.

We structure plans that address your wishes and take into account the following:

  • Legacy planning
  • Wealth stewardship
  • Gifting
  • Special needs planning
  • Elder care
  • Beneficiary designations
  • Business succession & exit planning
  • Tax-efficient distribution of assets
Evans Wealth - Maximize Charitable Gifts

Maximize Charitable Gifts

You want your wealth to benefit the organizations you care about. Whether your goal is to improve your community or give back to your alma mater or church, this donation should have a long-lasting effect.

We make your charitable gifts both tax-advantaged and meaningful through:

  • Charitable planning
  • Donor-advised funds
  • Charitable trusts
Get a second opinion on your current strategy.

We can review your existing financial plan and verify whether your advisor’s decisions were made in good judgment or highlight critical areas to improve.

Confident your company’s value will fund your retirement?

Evans Wealth has a system enabling owners to optimize the value of their business. Take our business assessment to determine your exit planning priorities.

Benefit from a responsive, professional
firm invested in your success

Evans Wealth Management’s priority is our clients, and our firm takes an individualized approach to each one.

You’ll never confuse us with salespeople because we aren’t. We’re financial professionals dedicated to serving you.

We return calls and emails promptly and strive to flag any potential issues before they become problems.