Personalized guidance.
Proven results.

While larger wealth management firms have name recognition, they struggle to deliver a consistent experience that makes their clients feel valued.

As a family owned business, Evans Wealth brings a level of stability difficult to mirror by corporations. We place an emphasis on building—and maintaining‐relationships.

We see you as more than just a client—but an extension of our family. You’ll feel this in the way we serve you.

13+ Years

Sustained client relationships





Meet our founder

Sam Evans, CFA® & CExP

See how our guidance helps clients achieve their financial goals and give them peace of mind.

True wealth isn’t just about money.

It’s about having the freedom to do what brings you joy, contribute to causes you care about, and create memorable experiences with family and friends.

That’s the reality we work toward for you.

Our firm collaborates with CPAs, attorneys, and other professionals to ensure you receive personalized guidance and expertise with an unmatched process so you can enjoy a life well‐lived.

‐ You can expect ‐

Meaningful Conversations

We ask critical questions about your financial goals, dreams, and desired impact, taking the time to delve into what matters most to you.

Personalized Guidance &

Through insightful analysis and clear objectives, we form a unique plan for you and share tactics that make a tangible difference.

Consistent, Reliable Results

We treat your hard-earned savings with respect, working diligently to bring results that increase ROI while honoring your priorities and goals.

Our firm serves as your personal family office. We work tirelessly to help you realize your financial objectives and celebrate each achievement alongside you.