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Q: How do you make sure your financial advisors are acting in your best interests?

A: Opt for a true fiduciary.

As an independent, fee-only advisory firm, it’s our responsibility to monitor the changing economic landscape and your changing financial circumstances—and chart a way forward that helps make your plans a reality. As a Georgia-based firm, we are here when you need us.


  • Want to be able to manage the big picture from a distance?

    • Evans Wealth Management works with mid- and upper-level corporate leaders from a variety of industries, including salespeople and key personnel of technology firms. With tight travel schedules and time at a minimum, it is difficult—if not impossible—to give your finances the attention they deserve. By delegating your finances to a trained professional, you can organize your wealth and develop a game plan consistent with your goals. Evans Wealth Management tracks your progress so you can focus on what matters most: your career, your family, and your long-term wealth. You maintain control while enjoying greater balance between your family and professional life.

  • Looking for financial peace of mind after a death or divorce?

    • Retired or not, you may find yourself suddenly responsible for a considerable amount of money through divorce, inheritance, or death of a spouse. To avoid costly mistakes that could threaten your independence, you want a financial partner that understands the responsibility you feel to yourself and your family. Evans Wealth Management helps you by establishing a solid foundation on which to build your future—providing much-needed structure, clarity, and confidence.

  • Need your money to work as hard as you do?

    • As the owner of a business, you have a lot of people counting on you—in addition to your family. You owe it to your employees, clients, and loved ones to ensure you’ll be there for them during both good and bad times. At Evans Wealth Management, we understand the responsibility you feel to those you serve, and the professional and personal demands placed on your time. By acting as your personal CFO, we help to coordinate all the moving parts of your finances—giving you greater control over your financial future and, more importantly, more time for those you care for most.

  • Worried about running out of money in retirement?

    • Life gets scary when the paychecks stop. If you’re concerned you haven’t paved the way for a relaxing post-work lifestyle, Evans Wealth Management is here to help. We take the worry away by assessing your preparedness and developing a detailed plan to achieve as many of your priorities as possible. By implementing an investment strategy designed to preserve your savings and generate necessary income, we can supplement your Social Security and pension—securing your lifestyle without threatening your independence. In total, our process provides the structure and discipline required for a graceful transition.


Authentic, Trustworthy, Expert Guidance

Since 2009, Evans Wealth Management has established a culture of competence, earning two well-respected qualifications: an MBA® in finance and the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) designation. It doesn’t stop there—we seize 20-plus hours of continuing education every year, as an opportunity to better our work.

Unlike many advisors, we don’t measure success by our sales numbers—we base it on the enjoyable, worry-free lifestyles we empower our clients to achieve. Finance is our passion. Let us leverage it for your benefit.

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