Most Wealth Advisors Are Conflicted

With us, you get pure financial counsel—driven only by your interests.

This Changes Everything

In the U.S., only 14% of financial advisors refuse to accept sales commissions, which minimizes the conflicts of interest. The other 86% receive incentives, which encourages sales-seeking behavior and taints their objectivity when it comes to providing advice—rather than looking out for you. No matter how “nice” they may seem, these advisors are not 100% on your side, and never will be.

Evans Wealth Management is happy to be one of the rare Atlanta-based advisors that looks out for you, your family, your lifestyle, your goals, and no one else.

Built on Trust, Driven by Results

Your finances are not an experiment, a sales conquest, or something to be taken lightly. They’re your hard-earned savings. Evans Wealth Management understands this, and we take our fiduciary responsibility seriously. We never speculate or take inappropriate chances with your money.

In contrast, some firms’ management practices prioritize their objectives over yours. They promote sales acumen over financial knowledge, corporate profits over client service, and transactions over a genuine, trusting relationship. Often, these firms pour millions into marketing campaigns that are long on saying the right things, but fall short on the delivery.

As a completely independent firm, your family, goals, and financial security come first—no conflict, no cross-selling, no hidden agenda.

After taking the time to get to know you, your family, and your goals, we provide genuine advice as a trusted friend would—with your future in mind. We’re not afraid to ask “why” to discover deeper reasons for your aspirations. After all, you’re not paying us to replicate the plan of a recent client—we’re here to understand where you want to be and design a tailored game plan that ensures it.

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